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12 Handy Colour Filter Set

$70.00 $42.00

Colour therapy, help to balance and harmonize our body, good for colour visualization.

These convenient 12 handy colour filters is extremely light-weight and easy to carry around. Whether you are on a bus, working in the office or travelling overseas, you can just clip the colour filter on the parts of your body that are not comfortable or in pain. Your energy body then naturally absorbs the colours and help the body to come into balance and harmonize.



轻巧,可随身携带。 无论您是在公车上、办公室工作还是在海外旅行,您都可以将彩色滤光片夹在身体不舒服或疼痛的部位,自然地吸收颜色并帮助身体达到平衡和协调。