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Golden Flower Of Life

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The name "Flower of Life" originates from ancient cultures which believe that the shape is related to the creation of life. The "Flower of Life" pattern creates very peaceful energy and has protective functions. It can be placed on the body, in the room, on photos, computers, or telephones. It can also balance any disharmony caused by chemical pollutants.

"生命之花"这名字是来自古来的文化, 图形跟生命的创造紧紧相扣。"生命之花"的图形创造非常祥和的能量,也有保护的作用。可以放在身上随身携带、房间内、相片上、电脑或电话上。也可以用来平衡任何被化学污染物造成的不和谐。