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Queen Of The Greens — Pure & Simple

Our freeze-dried Organic Kale Powder preserves the abundant health benefits of this popular green superfood in a convenient, concentrated form.  Rich in vitamins A & K, calcium, carotenoids, and those highly praised cruciferous compounds, our Organic Kale Powder readily disperses into juice or water, or blends into your favorite smoothie. Join the "kale movement" and see what everyone is talking about!


  • Supports healthy detoxification and healthy liver function
  • A cruciferous powerhouse for supporting healthy cells and DNA
  • Nourishes eye and skin health
  • Alkaline properties support healthy pH balance
  • Maintains healthy bones with plant-based calcium
  • Rich source of antioxidants and phytonutrients for glowing health and wellness
  • 帮助健康的排毒和促进肝功能
  • 十字花科植物最能滋养细胞与DNA
  • 滋润皮肤与眼睛
  • 碱性特质有助人体的酸碱平衡
  • 植物钙维持健康骨骼
  • 大量的抗氧化剂与植物营养素能强身健体