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EM-X Gold 500ml


EM-X Gold® is a unique prebiotic drink produced by a fermentation process using Effective Microorganisms®, a method commonly used for traditional foods such as miso and soy sauce. EM·X Gold® contains highly bio-available EM-derived low molecular weight metabolites. These metabolites include trace mineral, vitamins, and enzymes. Accordingly, the ingredients of EM·X Gold® are selected not simply on their beneficial quality, but also on what is needed to maximize the power of EM®.

The new and improved EM·X Gold® was designed specifically using ingredients and processes that optimize the ability for the benefits of the Effective Microorganisms® (EM®) to develop your body's regenerative abilities. The key benefits of EM·X Gold® include:

  • Faster and more effective decontamination of the organs
  • General improvement of the body's acid/alkaline balance
  • General strengthening of the immune system
  • Reduction of the susceptibility of infection
  • Reduction of allergies

EM·X Gold® is a 100% Natural Non-GMO prebiotic drink produced using EM Technology®

Imported from Japan

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