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Pure Aussie Sea Minerals 250ml

$25.00 $22.50

Pure Aussie Sea Minerals is one of the most nutrient dense liquid Trace Mineral supplements available. It comes naturally packed full of Magnesium and other essential major and trace minerals. There is an amazing 750mg of ionic minerals in every 1/2 teaspoon serving. 

Pure Aussie Sea Mineralswas developed to address the mineral deficit in the modern diet, which is the result of aggressive farming methods and food production processes. Pure Aussie Sea Mineralsis a low sodium, full spectrum ionic mineral concentrate that is derived from pure Ocean water, ensuring that it is rich in natural occurring major and trace minerals.

Therefore it is important to maintain the balance of electrolytes in our bodies, because they affect the amount of water in our bodies, blood pH, muscle action and nerve impulses. More importantly, they directly influence the activities of all major organs in our bodies.

  • 有益于牙齿、骨骼
  • 催芽时可加几滴为芽菜和植物补充矿物质